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Accommodating learning style

They would be operating in a reflective mode, generating theories about each possible long term arrangement.They will gladly do the research and craft theories as to the plausibility of each solution.

Initially, there is the experience that provides the feeling for the learner.

The Diverging group could also write their reflections and research into a document that could be shared on-line as well.

Now the Accommodating group could be called on, though by now in a real life situation, they would have already been in action.

Designing a presentation that conveys this information in an efficient manner will allow them to demonstrate their strengths.

They will use a program like power point, then post their presentation to the course or perhaps a web site.

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The quadrants made by these two intersecting lines make up four learning styles, each based on a preference for how a learner does something and how they then think about it.

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