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We have all been there...seated at a formal table, and thought, "Omigosh, which fork am I supposed to use? One more bit of table advice: Wait until your hostess is seated before you start eating. If you are a parent, even if your own style is very informal, please teach your children how to handle this situation, so that when they encounter all that cutlery someday, they are not unnerved." Relax, there is an easy way to remember: Work from the outside in. (See also: 11 Rules of Excellent Houseguest Etiquette) The thank-you note is essential in both everyday life as well as in business correspondence.

To me, having manners means you are a respectful person and considerate of others.(See also: How to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview) Recently, we were at a restaurant, and the woman in back of us began flossing her teeth. Flossing should be done at home, or at least in a bathroom.It is not fun for people around you to watch you get stuff out of your teeth.If someone has gone through the trouble of buying you a gift, has helped you, or simply done something nice, the very least you can do is to say thank you.Even small children can draw pictures, and later write very charming notes. (See also: 20 Ways to Say Thanks) I am not a fan of the pre-printed notes and simply signing your name. If you are stuck about what to say, my trick is to first draft the note on the computer or a piece of paper until I get it right.

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What I find often, because I have an unusual first name, is that people simply have forgotten what my name is.