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Bie and noona dating sites

These would be unfunded for the moment, so we would need volunteer subbers. Credit to Lyn's Lakorn Blog - Trailer Bie and Noona romantic comedy June (Noona) will take a role of a wedding organizer who is assigned to plan and coordinate a wedding for the hottest of couple of the year, Pat (Pang) and Note (Bie). Pat has a boyfriend named Note (Bie) who is not a very successful cartoonist.

So it looks like we have at least 2 projects coming up. Jam Luey Gammathep and Jud Rak Vivalurng/Jatt Ruk (2015) As for the rest of the under or unfunded projects, I've been thinking about that. However, it’s not that easy because Nate-Upsorn is not a tearful and pathetic girl, so they always argue and fight with each other all the time.

However, Anothai only ever knew the Princess as "Dara", a common girl who lived in the palace.

Growing up, because of his father's influence and his own dreams of serving and protecting the country, Anothai decided he wanted attend the royal military academy.

I'm thinking to finish this before finishing Hong if that's okay with you? - MV comedy/spoof/romance with Chakrit and Cherry This lakorn is inspired by Jam Loey Rak and Tang Parn Kammathep.

But because of the strong love he has for her, he swears that he will do whatever it takes to put her on the throne as the Queen of Yasotorn, even if it means sacrificing his own life.Luerd Kattiya (2003) (11 episodes - left) maybe we could see if we could some subbers interested? After the announcement, the couple became even more popular.Manee Sawad (2013) - this is on viki already, so I think we should look into subbing it there. All kinds companies wanted them as a couple to be their product presenters.But because of this, she was able to accidentally meet Anothai (Jesadaporn Pholdee), the son of a retired general.The two then became friends from when they were still children, their friendship slowly changing into a deep love for one another.

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Punyachon_Kon Krua (1999) (15 episodes) - I was thinking of asking Ann's subbers if they would help sub this. Ubathteehet (2012) - Not sure about this one who might be interested in subbing it and it's not on viki. Many event organizers also wanted them to make appearance on their events.