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bot_nav_begin_area bot_nav_end_area These two commands allow the creation of new nav areas. "bot_nav_end_area" marks the opposite corner of the area and creates it.

To cancel the operation, issue a "bot_nav_begin_area" command again.

If zero, the bots will not buy or use the given category of weapon.

bot_allow_rogues [0,1] If nonzero, allows bots to occasionally "go rogue".

Should look something like this: Kod: /Steam Apps/[email protected]/Counter-Strike/ You will be asked to replace some files, including bot_kill This command takes either the name of a bot, or the keyword "all" - causing all bots in the game to be kicked.

Bot Commands BOT CONTROL bot_add bot_add_t bot_add_ct Causes a bot to be added to the game.

It is recommended that these commands be bound to keys for ease of use while editing. bot_nav_delete Deletes the currently selected nav area.

bot_nav_split Splits the currently selected nav area into two new nav areas, along the white split line.

For instance, if the map is de_dust.bsp, the nav file will be de_bot_knives_only bot_pistols_only bot_snipers_only bot_all_weapons These commands are shortcuts that set the bot_allow_* cvars accordingly. bot_quota Setting this cvar to a nonzero value will cause the given number of bots to be maintained in the game.BOT CONTROL bot_difficulty [0-3] This cvar determines the difficulty of all newly created bots (existing bots will retain the difficulty setting they were created with). If a bot is kicked, a new bot will be added to maintain the quota. bot_prefix will be prefixed to all subsequently added bot names. bot_join_team [ct, t, any] Determines which team the bots will join.Z-bots offers different commands including adjusting bot difficulty levels, weapons, controls, numbers, navigation commands, and more. Download: ZBot - CS Bots Before You start installing Zbot it might be a good idea to backup your current settings just in case. "bot_add" will add a bot to the team specified by the "bot_join_team" cvar.Either backup your entire cstrike folder or just the file "liblist.gam" (this is where the changes are made). Unzip Unzip the entire content of the zip to your Counter-Strike folder. "bot_add_t" and "bot_add_ct" forces the bot onto the respective teams.

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bot_nav_merge Merges the currently selected nav area and a previously marked nav area into a new, single nav area.