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Now that he has stopped the importation of this treatment he can now boast to his patients and colleagues that he has stopped cancer patients from purchasing Essiac in Australia." - M. Tullio Simoncini destroys cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate.Sodium bicarbonate is safe, extremely inexpensive and unstoppably effective when it comes to cancer tissues.Umac-Core - Tom Harper in Canada, discovered by chance, this stunning medical and scientific breakthrough for human health.One of the most complete forms of nutrition in the world.Tom used Marine Phytoplankton to kill a rare form of cancer that he was dying from - it also killed his diabetes. Go to You Tube and type in: Tom Harper - "Another Day" - watch his amazing story.In 1937 Dr John Wolfer, then director of the cancer clinic at Northwestern University Medical School arranged for Rene Caisse (who was given the herb recipe by Native Indians) to treat 30 terminal cancer patients under the supervision of 5 doctors.

B17 is best used as a cancer preventative by being included in your regular diet.

plant known as cannabinoids - were clinically researched in the American 1974 "Virginia Studies", but shut down by the DEA and President Ford. the United States Government Department of Health and Human Services holds patents on CBD Extracts for using CBD for the purpose of treating of numerous diseases! Cancer is usually developing within the body for approximately 2 yrs before being discovered.

Big Pharma corporations will NOT allow the eradication of cancer via natural, non-toxic methods because of the billions of dollars that will be lost in revenue and because they can't patent plants. What has happened in the past two years of your life?

If you want to combat cancer or prevent it, this page is dedicated to those of you who rightfully believe that such protocols exist. Accepting expensive, temporary, toxic band aids, ill health, bankruptcy and death, is no longer the only option. - To heal yourself, you MUST address the source of the physical manifestation of disease - negative emotions, which are ACIDIC and must be released from the cells to heal the body.

Please note that whilst natural 'alternative' therapies are complimentary to conventional Western oncology, they have a more powerful effect when not having to compete with the side effects and damage created by drugs and chemicals. The stress/shock/trauma/conflict must be identified and LET GO.

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