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Guys camping sex

"You're right," she said in reply, "I should get into proper lake attire, shouldn't I?" My wife stood up directly in front of Richard and Doug and slowly, tantalizingly unbuttoned her blouse in front of them—not letting it open.

At least now you can try it with a girl instead of your usual um...

Anyway, I helped her load her suitcase inside and then Doug and I took turns making the painful four-hour drive to the lake while Richard and Chloe lounged in the cabin watching satellite TV and talking.

We weren't 10 minutes out of the driveway when I heard Richard lob the first volley Chloe's way with a, "So did Mark tell you about skinny-dipping?

The high probability of her complaining throughout the trip seemed mitigated by the fact that at the end of the trip my wife would be stripping in front of my friends—if just for a moment. After a couple hours of managing the RV and boat around the country foothills I needed a break and Doug took his turn behind the wheel, allowing me to join my wife and Richard in the cabin.

Richard, ever the opportunist took the opportunity to try to push my wife's comfort boundaries again when he said, "So hey Chloe, Mark said you were cool with our usual 'porn and booze' first night tradition... " Chloe wasn't ready to back down, of course, and she said, "Hey, girls like porn too.

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