Lucia si sexul film online subtitrat

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Lucia si sexul film online subtitrat

Lucía (Paz Vega), a waitress, is talking on the phone with her depressed writer boyfriend Lorenzo (Tristán Ulloa) after they had a nasty argument, where, afterward, she walked out.

Since he has been in a 'funk' for a while, she's worried and goes home to console him. She receives a phone call from the police while finding a suicide note, and is so afraid of bad news that she hangs up, assuming the worst.

Și totul datorită cuvintelor pe care le-a așternut pe hârtie. Între el şi dansatoarea Peppy Miller au loc scântei, aceştia îndrăgostindu-se unul de celălalt Un cocktail de iubire, pierdere, absurditate a vieții, umor și personaje delicate, preparat cu căldură și afecțiune de Susanne Bier, care va lăsa rece doar o inimă de piatră.

Looking for a new beginning, Lucía travels to the mysterious Balearic Islands that Lorenzo had always talked of, but had recently been very negative about.Back in the present, Lucía meets a scuba diver on the island, Carlos, and through him, Elena, who runs an inn on the island.Lucía rents a room, and the women bond as friends, not knowing their intimate connection.They are interrupted as Luna knocks at the bedroom door, and they watch in horror as the family dog, a large Rotweiler in 'protect mode' kills Luna. Lorenzo runs away and falls into a deep depression.Lorenzo's writing turns dark, towards depraved sex and death.

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He anonymously contacts Elena, who has moved to the island to find solace and recall better days, and provides her a nice story about a beautiful child that loves to swim in the sea, to cheer her spirits.