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Before she died, Toni sent me her story in her own words and asked me if I’d post it on my site so other women could be warned about what life post-surgery is really like. I am not sure that I can give you hope, but I can give you a voice until you can find your own voice and together we can stop this practice and prevent other women from suffering. It is important to talk briefly about the effects of “natural” menopause in order to better understand the effects of hysterectomy and castration.She didn’t want what happened to her to be in vain. Even natural menopause is a “game-changer” for most women with some of the more commonly discussed symptoms being hot flashes, mood swings and dry vagina.I’m overweight with fibromyalgia and fatigue, talking myself out of suicide constantly.I have metabolic syndrome and I’m insulin resistant.It is no different than removing a man’s testicles.Oophorectomy precipitates a radical change in hormones overnight.You will always remember when you went into have something done simply to stop heavy bleeding and going in as one person and then the doctor switching you with some kind of alien when you wake up.Within a year, I was 50 pounds overweight and my thyroid had a nodule on it that was cancerous.

Hysterectomy with ovary removal induces what doctors refer to as “surgical menopause.” There’s really no such thing as “surgical” menopause.Only a woman with a complete hysterectomy can remember that date.I have had surgeries before, but I never remembered any of those dates.Frankenstein is a fictitious character, but I can relate, for I, feel like a monster. I know what I now am, and that is a “Castrati” and “Eunuch”. Hysterectomy, especially when the ovaries are removed too, should be an option of last resort, not something cavalierly recommended to young women, nowhere near menopause.More recently, a good friend that I came to know through my website committed suicide after years of struggling with post hysterectomy health issues. I wrote this post for the women who have lost their ovaries, lost their health, their vitality, their sex lives and their hope.

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