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New spanking chat

Speaking of memories, don't forget I Was Spanked At School, At Home, I Was Spanked As A Child, I Remember Being Spanked Bare Bottomed Over The Knee, I Was Spanked Bare Bottom With A Belt, I Was Spanked In Public In My Childhood, I Saw Someone Get Spanked, I Got Spanked As A Kid, I Was Often Spanked With Mom's Hairbrush, and others.

Also speaking of memories, Childhood Spanking Memories hasn't died after all, but is being semi-regularly updated again now.

pages and see if their fictitious misbehavior improved.

Over the past 12 months donations have been minimal and over 95% of the running expenses have been coming from my own money.

This is less than desirable as the vast majority see no further than "no donate button, they don't need donations".

To keep the sites alive for another month we need a minimum of 300 (to be safe), that's about US0.

I personally have just had to pay a very large tax bill which has left me with no spare money to continue paying for the server.

Due to paypal regulations I am unable to place a donate button on this site because it is classified as "Adult Material or Services", instead we rely on members who wish to donate to contact us.

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I will strive to not let this happen again in the future, meds or not.

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