Selma al singles

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Selma al singles

I just wish that the company would put better quality products and workmanship into their modular homes.We pay twice as much for them then if we would have bought a mobile home but still receive mobile home products.

If you are looking for a custom built mansion, you are likely going to be disappointed.

I thought I was getting a good quality home and in the long haul it is all built very cheap.

After about a year I had to start replacing all the door knobs in my house because they were all breaking. I really don't know what the thing is called on the water lines but one part is copper and the other part is plastic and the plastic piece has broken on them making my house flood.

I have had to change out light fixtures due to them not working anymore and no I have an electrician changing all the light switches due to they do not work.

I understand that there is regular maintenance on homes but this is ridicules.

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The paint was so thin it would rub off if you tried cleaning it.

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