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She fell hard on her right side—I could hear the back of her head hitting the ground—and lay there for a moment, not moving. She came at me like a banshee, all arms and legs, flailing, and I ducked and she lost her balance and fell against the stoop. Goldman’s younger sister, in contrast, recently wrote a book titled “I reserve the right not to forgive the person who stabbed my brother to death,” Kim Goldman, 44, tells PEOPLE.

Sort of like how she got bruises all over her face when O. “He walked into a murder in progress, he tried to help, and he lost his life trying,” says Goldman’s father Fred, of what he believes happened. But that was only after his agent, Mike Gilbert, told Simpson not to take his arthritis medication so his hands would swell, claims Gilbert, author of RELATED: 20 Years Later: Look Back at the 10 Most Bizarre Moments of O. Gilbert told Simpson he knew what Simpson had told their friend Al Cowlings: that he hadn’t gone to Nicole’s home that night to kill her, and if she hadn’t opened the door holding a knife, she’d still be alive. (Simpson attorney Yale Galanter has claimed Gilbert’s account is untrue.Cowlings has never publicly discussed the case and could not be reached for comment.) Gilbert says he doesn’t necessarily believe Nicole came to the door with a knife, even though she was frightened of Simpson and had called the police on him in the past. finds himself thinking about Nicole "and missing her a little." Why not stop by her house to see if she's awake? "What you do is your business, but the kids were in the house," he says. It wasn't over, not by a long shot, but everything seemed more difficult now. Instead, she apologizes, says she'd been drinking, and promises it won't happen again. I could hardly walk anymore, and I'd been told recently that I would eventually have to have both knees rebuilt. […]I was trying to figure out how it had come to this. I'd had my glory days on the playing field, a number of high-paying corporate gigs, many years as a football analyst, and even something of a career as a Hollywood actor. Goldman says he's just there to deliver the glasses.

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But Gilbert was aware that this is how Simpson rationalized his behavior to his closest confidantes.

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